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2d Animation is a process in which the animation is done on paper, the artist draws the characters on paper one frame at a time and then these drawings are converted to digital format. The 2D Animation is then added color and sound to create the wonderful experience of Cartoon Animation.

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3D Animation creates a virtual world in which objects are modelled, virtual lights and camera are added and finally rendered to a very realistic view of the said object. 3D animation is extensively used in the movie industry to create futuristic planes, Aline worlds, extinct animals etc. 3D Animation is also used in the field of Architecture to create a virtual building even before the construction of the said building.

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Visual effects ( commonly shorted to VFX ) are processes in which imagery is created with live action footage and computer generated images which looks realistic. Visual Effects ( VFX ) is commonly used in the film industry to create amazing effects that may not be possible to do in real life. After the advent of Visual Effects in the movie industry, a new position has been created for the Visual Effects Supervisor.

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Course Duration
  • Concepts of Design
  • Color, Compositing and Layout
  • Basic Drawing, Videography
  • Advance Classical 2d Animation
  • Image Editing
  • Vector Animation
  • 3d Animation
  • Post Production
  • Project
24 Months


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