3D Animation

3D Animation creates a virtual world in which objects are modeled, virtual lights and a camera are added and finally rendered to a very realistic view of the said object. 3D animation is extensively used in the movie industry to create futuristic planes, Alien worlds, extinct animals, etc. 3D Animation is also used in the field of Architecture to create a virtual building even before the construction of the said building.


Toon2 – The Animation and Multimedia School has formulated courses for 3d Animation.

Professionals In 3D Animation

Online Classes Now Available
Duration : 10 Months
  1. 3D Modeling
  2. 3D Texturing
  3. 3D Rigging
  4. 3D Animation
  5. 3D Lightning and Rendering

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Fee can be given in Installments.

Professionals In Architecture

Online Classes Now Available
Duration : 3 Months
  1. Texture Design
  2. 3D Elevation
  3. Interior & Exterior
  4. Virtual walk-through
  5. Post Productions

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