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    Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing domains in the business today. As of Now marketing skills are high in demand, but hiring managers are struggling to find talent. A digital marketing will help you:

    • Build a career in one of the fastest-growing domains in the business today
    • Prepare for digital marketing roles in the industry and become an in-demand professional
    • Get a foothold into of the high-paying careers in the industry

    Duration : 1 Months

    The Social Media Marketing

    The Social Media Marketing Course is best suited for who wish to begin their career in Digital Marketing through social media. However, the course is best suited for: Fresh graduates, PR Professionals, Business owners, Marketing Professionals, Copywriters & Content Writer.

    • Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology

    • How social media marketing is different than others

    • Forms of Internet marketing

    • Understanding Facebook marketing

    • Important apps to do fan page marketing

    • Facebook marketing

    • Understanding Facebook best practices

    • Setting up conversion tracking

    • Creating Facebook advertising campaign

    • Targeting in ad campaign

    • Setting up conversion tracking

    • Using power editor tool for adv.

    Pay per click (PPC)

    We are providing stock pay per click training as per the newest trends in Google. Our PPC course is of short duration of 30 days but we cover all the basics to advance PPC strategies.

    • Creating Search Campaigns

    • Understanding different types of bid strategy

    • Creating adgroups using tool

    • Tracking Performance/Conversion

    • Optimizing Search Campaigns

    • Creating Display Campaign

    • Optimizing Display Campaign

    • Remarketing

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